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gModeler diagrammer and documenter overview
gModeler allows you to generate static class diagrams in a UML compliant format (with minor modifications for congruency with Macromedia Documentation standards), then append additional properties and structured documentation to diagram elements. gModeler exports HTML documentation for web deployment or for copying into other applications, stub code with FlashDoc compatible comments, FlashMX reference and action panel documentation, and XML for sharing diagrams with colleagues.

In brief, gModeler allows you to visually plan your application's code structure, generate the skeleton code for it, organize and manage the documentation process, and finally generate formatted documentation to distribute.

Why use gModeler?
Diagramming your project with gModeler has a large number of benefits:
  • Imposes structure and process to your coding
  • Generates properly formed FlashDoc compatible stub code
  • Simplifies and organizes the documentation process
  • Allows for smoother and more efficient team/collaborative development
  • Reduces occurence of bugs and re-writes, thereby reducing the time required to deliver a project and increasing the quality of the final product
  • By saving iterations of the diagram, you can develop a history of feature additions and modifications
  • It's free!
Information on UML and OOAD practices
For more information on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), please visit the resource center. The resource center also contains sample diagrams, tutorials, and information on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in FlashMX and other ECMA-262 languages (such as javascript).
gModeler Manual Contents
gModeler overview

Key Commands

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The Diagrams Manager

The Stage:
Getting around
- Class elements
- Note elements
- Package elements

The Inspector: