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Editing documentation in gModeller
The Documentation inspector allows you to edit documentation attached to a diagram entity. This documentation is exported in HTML and FlashMX documentation. The list on the leftt displays the documentation sections for the entity being selected, the text field on the right contains the content associated with the selected section.

Documentation editor for UML diagrammer

Section List
The section list shows the documentation sections associated with the entity being selected. You can add, remove and reorder the sections by using the buttons on the top right of the list. Click on a section in the list to edit it in the content field to the right.

Content Field
The content field on the right allows you to view and edit the content for the currently selected section. See "Notes on Exporting Documentation" below for important information on editing this content.

Generate Documentation Button
This button will generate formatted documentation based on the values set in the properties inspector, overwriting existing content in some sections in the process. It will generate content for the Availability, Usage, Parameters, Returns and Description sections, as applicable to the entity being inspected.

Apply and Close Buttons
Apply saves all changes and closes the inspector. Close will prompt you to save if you have made any changes, and then close the inspector.

Notes on Exporting Documentation
  • Section titles are automatically generated for HTML and FlashMX documentation.
  • Section content is automatically wrapped in a paragraph tag, UNLESS the content contains a paragaph tag, in which case it is ommitted.
  • The content area supports input of HTML, but only supported HTML tags (generally HTML 1.0 tags) will be displayed by Flash for FlashMX documentation.
  • Line breaks will automatically be replaced with <BR/> tags when exported in documentation.
  • Currently, entities with a name beginning with "$" will be ommitted from all exported documentation (not stub code). This behaviour will soon be removed in favour of a "Private" property.
  • Malformed HTML in your documentation will cause Flash to be unable to display exported FlashMX documentation. Be sure to close <P> tags, and try to use <BR/> rather than the deprecated <BR>.

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