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Inspecting properties in gModeler
The property inspector lets you edit secondary properties of an entity. These properties are used extensively for stub code and documentation generation. Depending on the type of entity you are inspecting, different properties will be available.

Property editor for UML diagramming tool

Short Description
A one line description of the element. Used as tiptext for FlashMX documentation.

The version of the entity that is being inspected (ie. 1.0b).

Flash Suffix
Applies only to class elements. Used to set up a naming suffix for FlashMX documentation. This enables code hints in the FlashMX action panel. (ex. the suffix for a MovieClip in FlashMX is "_mc")

Flash Version
The minimum version of Flash required to use this entity. This value will be inherited from enclosing entities if left blank - for instance, a class element with a blank Flash Version will use the diagram's Flash Version. Used for FlashMX documentation.

This table allows you to organize parameters for class constructors, methods and events. Each parameter entry consists of the parameter name, the datatype (String, Integer, MyClass etc), and a short (one line) description of the parameter.

Notes on the parameter table:
  • Parameters will be outputted in documentation and stub code in the order they appear in the table.
  • The stub code generator will attempt to match up parameter names in class constructors with property names in the class, so be sure that names match up where applicable
  • The datatype column supports datatype shortcuts to speed entry (See Key Commands).
Generate Documentation
Generates formatted parameter documentation that can be copied and pasted into the parameter section of the documentation inspector.

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