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gModeler Usage Manual
The gModeler menu contains application specific commands and options.

gModeler menu About gModeler...
Opens a dialog containing information about gModeler.

Displays tips for using gModeler. The tips are also available on the tips page.

Open Online Help
Opens the online manual in a separate window. Close the window to return to gModeler.

Toggles tooltips on and off.

Live links
Toggles live links on and off. When live links are on, links will redraw in real time as you move or resize elements - this require more CPU power, and isn't recommended on slower computers.

Send Feedback...
Opens the integrated feedback dialog, allowing you to send bug reports, feature requests or comments to me.

gModeler Manual Contents
gModeler overview

Key Commands

gModeler menu
File menu
Diagram menu
Element menu
Link menu

The Toolbar

The Diagrams Manager

The Stage:
Getting around
- Class elements
- Note elements
- Package elements

The Inspector: