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UML associations / links
Links visually represent associations or relationships between classes and other elements in UML. gModeler currently supports 7 common types of associations. To add links in gModeler, use the link tool (See Toolbar). You can select links by clicking on them. Once selected you can carry out a number of actions available in the link menu, and move the end points by clicking and dragging the circles on each end of the link.

A brief decription of each link type follows:

UML Generic AssociationGeneric Association
Designates an association of no specific type. Useful for attaching notes elements, etc.

UML Inheritance RelationshipInheritance
Indicates the starting class inherits directly from the ending class. (ex. MegaMan inherits from Man)

UML Nested RelationshipNesting
Indicates that the starting class is nested in the ending class. Usually means that the starting class is in the name space of the outer class. (ex. OS.Menus - Menus is nested in OS)

UML Dependency (Uses) AssociationDependency
Indicates that the starting class uses the ending class, and may require modification if the ending class is changed. (ex. Car uses Gasoline)

UML Aggregation (Comprises) RelationshipAggregation
Indicates that the starting class comprises instances of the ending class. Ending class instances are not destroyed with the starting class. (ex. Playlist comprises Songs)

UML Composition (has) AssociationComposition
Indicates that the starting class has instances of the ending class. Ending class instances are destroyed along with the starting class. (ex. Human has Brain)

UML Qualified AssociationQualified Association
Indicates a relationship that is qualified by some identifier. (ex. ShoppingCart has Items qualified by ID)

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