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Navigating the stage in gModeller
This section deals with navigating around the diagram.

Dragging the canvas
The most common way to get around the canvas is to click on the canvas (the blue background), and drag it. Note that you must hold Alt to drag the canvas when the element tool is active.

Navigating to a specific element
If you select center from the diagram menu while an element is selected, gModeler will center the view on that element. This can be used in combination with the select element submenu in the diagram menu, or with the select start and select end commands in the link menu to navigate quickly to a specific element.

Scrolling edges
With many actions (moving an element, drawing a link, etc), you can drag towards the edge of the canvas, and it will automatically scroll in the direction you drag. The closer to the edge you drag, the faster it will scroll.

Using magnification
If you are working on a large diagram, you can view more of it by zooming out. Use the magnification submenu in the diagram menu to zoom out, center on the element you wish to work on, then zoom back in.

gModeler Manual Contents
gModeler overview

Key Commands

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The Toolbar

The Diagrams Manager

The Stage:
Getting around
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The Inspector: