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gModeller Toolbar
The toolbar contains shortcuts to common menu items, and houses tool and tool options.
gModeller toolbar

About gModeler Toolbar about gModeller
Opens a dialog containing information about gModeler.

Save Save current diagram
Saves the currently open diagram with the name set in the diagram details (See diagram menu) to a local shared object.

Print Save current diagram
Opens the system print dialog, and prints the current diagram.

Center Center diagram
Centers the diagram on the currently selected element, or centers the diagram on it's origin if no element is selected.

Select Tool Select tool
Chooses the select tool. This tool lets you select and edit existing elements. Dragging on the canvas with this tool will move the canvas on-screen.

Link Tool Link tool
Chooses the link tool. Click and drag from one element to another with this tool to create a link between them. A link type drop down menu will be available in the toolbar when this tool is active, which sets the type of link to be drawn. Hold ALT and click on an element with this tool to select and edit the element.

Element Tool Element tool
Chooses the element tool. Click and drag to draw a new element on the canvas. An element type drop down will be available in the toolbar when this tool is active, which sets the type of element to be drawn. Hold ALT while using this tool to drag the canvas or select existing elements.

gModeler Manual Contents
gModeler overview

Key Commands

gModeler menu
File menu
Diagram menu
Element menu
Link menu

The Toolbar

The Diagrams Manager

The Stage:
Getting around
- Class elements
- Note elements
- Package elements

The Inspector: