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About UML Diagram Samples
This section contains samples and examples of UML diagrams and documentation created using gModeler. If you have a diagram you would like to have added here, please contact me at (remove the X's).

To view the diagrams:
  1. Click the "Diagram XML" link
  2. Select all of the text in the new window, and choose copy from the Edit menu.
  3. Close the window (this will return you to this page)
  4. Launch gModeler (using the launch button above)
  5. Select "Import..." from gModeler's File menu
  6. Paste in the diagram XML and press OK.
UML Diagram Examples

Barbie Makeover Activity Submitted by: Scott Dalamater (Mattel)
Used to plan and document a redesign of Mattel's most popular online game, Barbie Makeover. A set of classes defining a complete user interface for selecting and applying colors. Colors are selected from a gradient using a Fader component (much like the color selectors in Flash or Photoshop) and applied to features associated with that Fader. Stamping functionality is also included, allowing a user to apply or remove stamps. Each change is saved in a queue, allowing undo and redo.

This is a great example of documenting with gModeler!
These links will open in a new window: Diagram XML | HTML Documentation | Website

eventsCalendar Submitted by: James Peek
A component designed for displaying events that occur in a variety of different patterns including once-off, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring. The design is easily reskinned, and the event data easily extended.

Some example events might be: an event which occurs on the last weekday of September, or one which happens on the 3rd Tuesday of every second month between 9am and 5pm.

Samples of the component in use, and a freely downloadable MXP can be found on the website.
These links will open in a new window: Diagram XML | HTML Documentation | Website