About the gSearch Panel

The gSearch panel is a robust search tool for the library, timeline and files. Here are some of the key features of gSearch:

Library Search (view)

  • Search for a string in library symbols. Toggle searching of Library name, linkage name, class name, and folder name.
  • Double-click to quickly select instances in the library
  • Double-click again to quickly edit the symbol

Timeline Search (view)

  • Innovative timeline search to find instances with matching instance names, library names, linkage IDs and classNames. The timeline search scans all symbols' timelines for matching results.
  • Also search for matching frame labels, sound names and linkages, and text instance names
  • Timeline searches are chunked to support FLAs with large timelines without script timeouts
  • Double-click results to quickly navigate to the layer and frame. Instances are selected.

File Search (view)

  • Search a folder for files whose file contents contain a string. Supports regex
  • Returns the file name, file type and number of matches per file
  • Double-click to open the file
  • Recent folder paths saved for later use


  • Results are returned in an easily-sortable datagrid
  • The panel maintains state between flash sessions, including the selected pane, and all radioButton states and search terms.
  • Recent search terms are saved in a quick-access drop down menu