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Tips for using gModeler
The following tips will help you use gModeler to diagram and document your project more efficiently. They are also available from within the application, under tips in the gModeler menu.
  1. Hold down ALT when you select options like 'delete' and 'close' to bypass the confirmation dialog.
  2. Select an element and click the center icon to center the diagram on that element.
  3. Use the drag tab beside an element's title to move it while it's selected.
  4. You can use the 'Export > XML' command to generate xml describing your diagram that you can email to a colleague or save locally and import into gModeler later.
  5. Most controls in gModeler have tooltips. Hover over a control to display helpful tips about it.
  6. If you drag an element to the edge of the screen, the diagram will scroll in that direction.
  7. While using the element tool, hold Alt to move or select elements or to drag the canvas.
  8. Note elements will not show up in exported documentation. They are for applying notes to the diagram itself.
  9. Prefix item names with a $ to prevent them from being included in documentation.
  10. Version information for FlashMX documentation cascades. EX. If you leave it blank in a class, it will use the value set for the entire diagram.
  11. Turning on Live Links in the gModeler menu causes links to redraw as you move elements, but also requires more processor power.
  12. Hold shift while dragging a package to avoid dragging its contents.
  13. Press the Escape key to clear the current focus.
  14. Use the number keys (1,2,3) to switch between tools quickly
  15. Press the del (forwards delete) key to delete the currently selected element or link.
  16. Pressing the space bar centers the diagram on the currently selected element.
  17. Use shortcuts to quickly enter datatypes. For instance 'i;' becomes 'Integer'. Supported shortcuts: i; s; o; n; v; f; p; a; d; m; b;
  18. To quickly move a group of elements together, draw a package behind them and move the package.
Advanced UML and OOAD tips
This section will contain tips on using UML diagramming and Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) effectively in your project. If you have a tip to share, please email it to me at (remove the X's). Also, be sure to check out the resource center.