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Diagram menu
The file menu contains all diagram specific commands and options.

Diagram menu View Details...
View and edit diagram details such as name, author, date created and date modified.

Opens the inspector, allowing you to edit the selected diagram's properties and documentation.

Center Diagram
Centers the diagram on the currently selected element, or centers the diagram on it's origin if no element is selected.

Magnification >
Changes the magnification setting for the diagram.

Add Element >
Adds an element of the specified type to the diagram at it's origin point.

Select Element >
Allows you to select an element by name. This menu displays elements in order of their current depth in the diagram, which is the same order that they will be exported in for documentation.

gModeler Manual Contents
gModeler overview

Key Commands

gModeler menu
File menu
Diagram menu
Element menu
Link menu

The Toolbar

The Diagrams Manager

The Stage:
Getting around
- Class elements
- Note elements
- Package elements

The Inspector: